Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my fur coat or jacket worth?

The best way is to take your fur to a local furrier. Tony would be happy to evaluate your fur and let you know the style, type and approximate age. There is no charge for an estimate. Evelyn Fashion Furs also does appraisals. An official appraisal certificate is $30.

How should I store my furs? Can I keep my fur in my closet?

Home storage will not keep your fur in its best condition and it may be susceptible to fur discoloration, dullness, dryness, mold or mildew growth or insect damage from dust mites or moths. For the winter months, the fur should be kept away from natural sunlight in a cool, dry closet. It should not be kept in a plastic bag.

Cold storage is the best way to store furs. Cold storage is a temperature, humidity and light-controlled, secure environment. Evelyn Fashion Furs recommends keeping your furs in cold storage during the warmer months. Simply bring in your furs to Evelyn Fashion Furs by late spring for cold storage and give us a ring around early autumn to pick them up! Call or visit in store for pricing options.

How do I clean my furs?

Furs should be cleaned yearly by an experienced furrier. Exposure to sunlight, moisture, heat and pollution can affect the quality of your fur as well as grease and dirt from daily wear and handling. Fur should never be dry cleaned or washed like other fabrics, as it can cause dryness, cracking, tearing and dullness.

Proper storage as well as cleaning and glazing will prevent these problems and enhance your fur’s beauty, durability and luster. Furs are cleaned by being tumbled in a special drum filled with a mix of sawdust and cleaning solution. The next step is glazing or conditioning the fur, which gives them a beautiful shine and softness.

Evelyn Fashion Furs offers on site cleaning and glazing year round but recommends this process at the end of the cold season and placing them in cold storage afterwards to keep them looking pristine. Call or stop by to find out pricing.

What should I do with my old fur?

There a few option to consider:

Donate your fur to a local charity.

Sell your fur (Evelyn Fashion Furs no longer purchases used furs).

The most popular decision is to restyle the existing fur.

How do I go about restyling my fur?

When it comes to restyling your fur, Evelyn Fashion Furs can do anything from minor alterations to a complete redesign! Resizing or adding a new collar are simple ways to give an older coat new life. Bring in your fur and Tony will evaluate and determine the best ways to repurpose it. He can recommend the best restyling options for you depending on the age, type and style of the fur.

Is fur still in fashion today? Is wearing fur gender specific?

Furs are found worldwide on fashion runways as eveningwear, outerwear, and every day looks, from bohemian chic to modern elegance. Fashion designers have come up with new methods of shearing, dying, knitting and integrating fur with other fabrics. Fur is considered unisex and Evelyn Fashion Furs carries garments and accessories for men and women Stop by to see the latest in fur fashion or browse classic styles. Have a particular look in mind? Tony can help make your vision become a reality!

What are the benefits of having a real fur coat/jacket and accessories?

Furs have been used for centuries and are still popular today for good reason! Despite much advancement, imitation fur and other textiles cannot match the warmth, softness, and durability of real fur. Real fur is a “green” textile, meaning it has a low environmental impact. Fur is completely natural, non-toxic, reusable and biodegradable. Processing and producing furs is the most energy efficient practice and produces the minimal amount of waste out of all the textiles.

Aren’t furs expensive? Are there furs within my budget?

Properly cared for furs can withstand decades of use and are considered a good investment. Evelyn Fashion Furs offers competitively priced furs and participates in Cliffside Park Sidewalk Sales. We also carry fine quality, gently used furs for our customers on a budget. There are various payment options available and payment plans can be set up. Last but not least, fur or fur trimmed accessories are a great, inexpensive way of incorporating the look, feel and warmth of fur into your style.

What method of payments do you accept?

Evelyn Fashion Furs accepts all major credit cards and certified checks.

Why should I buy from Evelyn Fashion Furs?

At Evelyn Fashion Furs, our customers are able to receive one on one, in person advice and guidance from a furrier with over 40 years of experience. We have a large variety of furs in many sizes and styles and beautiful accessories for women, men and children. Premium fur cleaning and glazing as well as personalized tailoring and repairs are done by a professional tailor or seamstress on premises. With a purchase of any brand new fur garment priced over $1,000 from Evelyn Fashion Furs, you will receive free cold storage within a year of purchase.

Our local store is open six days a week, Monday through Wednesday and Saturday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM with extended evening hours until 9:00 PM on Thursdays and Fridays.

How do I get in touch with Tony?

Visit Evelyn Fashion Furs at 737 Anderson Avenue in Cliffside Park, New Jersey or give us ring at 201-943-8210 or 201-943-8250. Email inquiries can be sent to Tony@EvelynFashionFurs.com.